Creative Learning Place:  Malibu Lagoon Fieldtrip 

     with Daniel Helman, PhD (geologist and sustainability scientist)

Thursday, May 23, 2019 

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

Cost: $25 per family


  • Basic things you'd bring to the beach, for example hat, towel, food, sunscreen, etc.
  • A clipboard plus blank sheets of paper to draw on as our "Field Notebook"
  • Pencils plus colored pencils to make nice drawings
  • A ruler and a magnifying glass are nice to bring too if you can!
  • A camera or phone that can take pictures if you want!


  • Malibu Lagoon State Beach, California 90265
  • Directions: From Santa Monica, follow the Pacific Coast Highway 13 miles west. Entrance for parking and the nature area is at Cross Creek Road.
  • Parking fees (for the State Beach parking lot):
  • All day – $12.00 per car, per day
  • 3 hrs – $9.00 per car
  • 2 hrs – $6.00 per car
  • 1 hr – $3.00 per car

Park phone number: (310) 457-8143

The site is also the location of the Adamson House and a small Malibu Lagoon Museum, plus a visitor center. Admission for these is separate, and prices listed are for your interest.

  • Adults: $7
  • Six to 16 years: $2
  • Five years and under: free
  • (cash only for all tour fees)
  • More information:

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Students will gain insight into the natural processes that shape beaches and associated landforms.

  1. Students will get experience in identifying diagnostic features of rocks, shells, plants and animals that are present in the local nearshore ecosystem, for use in identification.
  2. Students will get experience thinking as a scientist and formulating questions in a manner that helps to develop more curiosity.
  3. Students will get practical experience of the local environment, and especially a source of natural beauty that is the beach where Malibu Creek meets the ocean.
  4. Students will get practice with group socialization in a beautiful, calming environment that will help them build their own sense of beauty in nature.
  5. Students will sharpen their artistic and observational skills as they draw and describe what they see.