Parent Handbook

Creative Learning Place is a unique learning center that offers classes in a variety of subjects with the purpose of opening hands, hearts, and minds. CLP was founded by Karen Golden, a professional storyteller, arts educator, community activist. and homeschool mom. After thirty years of teaching, organizing conferences, classes, festivals and events, and hosting a daily talk show on public radio, Karen decided to put her knowledge of connecting people and ideas together at Creative Learning Place. Each instructor is meticulously handpicked by Karen and they are not only qualified to teach, they are also passionate visionaries who bring education to the next step. 

Class Drop policy:

If you enroll your child in a class and wish to drop it after the first class, you will be charged for one class but not the remainder of the session. There will be NO REFUNDS after the first week of class except for special emergency circumstances. Please choose your classes wisely! If you commit to a class, you must pay for the entire session. Students enrolling in classes after the start of the semester will have their tuition pre-rated and will be billed accordingly. 

Charter School Payment Instructions:

CLP is a vendor for a number of charter schools and we are happy to add your school if it is not listed on our CLP charter school partnership page. Please follow these instructions to make sure we are paid in a timely manner:

  • 1. It is your responsibility to submit your class requests to your charter school assigned teacher. They will in turn submit this request to your school and they will send us a Purchase Order (PO) and we will bill your school and be paid.
  • 2. If you use all your charter funding and do not have enough funding to cover your class payments you will be billed and must pay the difference. 
  • 3. We require that a PO be received by CLP prior to the start of class or your child will be dropped from the class.
  • 4. If your child is not part of a charter school, we require a $100 payment prior to the first day of class to hold your space in the class. Payment options can be found here

If you are unable to pay your bill in one lump sum, we are happy to work with you to set up a payment plan. Please see our payment link to learn how you can pay us.