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Is your child part of a charter school that will pay for classes?

Our registration fees pay for insurance, rent, administrative costs and government fees. THEY COVER ONE SEMESTER ONLY.

Registration fees: $50 first child, $40 second child, $30 third child, fourth child is free! For students taking one class registration fees are $25. If you enroll your child in a class and wish to drop it within the first week, you will receive a refund for the remainder of the session minus 1/2 of the registration fee. You must pay for classes you attend. There will be NO refunds after the first week of class except for special emergency circumstances. Please choose your classes wisely! We are a small program operating on a shoe string budget. If you commit to a class, you must pay for the entire session.

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To complete your registration, If you are not part of the Inspire Specialty Program or you are a new student to our program and you have not been through one billing cycle, please pay your registration fees prior to the first day of class through the payment options below. If you are part of a charter school that will pay for registration, we will reimburse your registration fees upon receipt of this payment from your charter school.

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Semester fees are due by the first day of class by check or paypal (

Building Policy: Creative Learning Place is not responsible for your child between classes. It is the parent's responsibility to arrange for supervision with other parents or caregivers. Please enforce this rule with your children to ensure their safety. In addition, please advise your children not to bring anything of value to CLP including electronics. If something is broken, it is not the responsibility of CLP to pay for repairs.

Grievance Policy: If I am not pleased with any aspect of CLP I will talk with my child's teacher or Karen rather than vent with other parents. We make every effort to solve challenges. We don't bite. Promise!

Class policy: Some teachers will ask students to do projects at home. I will support my child in this home learning opportunity. When a student does not complete class assignments this affects the entire class. If my child will not be in class or will be late I will inform CLP. I will check my email regularly for last minute changes in schedule and respond. I understand that emergencies happen. If a class is cancelled we will make every effort to provide a make up class.

Payment Policy: I have read the parent handbook and I understand that if my child is part of a charter school (other than Inspire Charter Specialty Program) it is my responsibility to make sure the PO is turned in within the first two weeks of class. For private pay students there is no refund after the first week of class. Choose your classes wisely.

Behavioral Policy: CLP is built on mutual respect for all parties involved. Students, Parents, and Teachers. In the rare case that this model is compromised through a conflict of any kind we will attempt to resolve the challenge through a friendly dialogue with all parties involved. If a resolution cannot be reached it may be deemed that CLP is not a suitable learning environment for a student. CLP does not have the staff to monitor major behavior challenges. If a student exhibits difficulty with behavior in a class room, the parent will be notified and this may result in the CLP staff determining that CLP is not an appropriate learning center for this student. CLP is a video-game-free and video-free environment. Online educational learning programs, such as Compass Learning or other software parents and/or charter schools are using with students, may be used.

I give my child permission to participate in Creative Learning Place classes and I give Creative Learning Place permission for my child to be photographed, videotaped and audio taped for educational purposes and/or publicity for the program. I give permission for my child to receive emergency medical treatment if necessary and I understand that Creative Learning Place cannot assume responsibility for injury or death. I agree to hold harmless Creative Learning Place and all Creative Learning Place employees from any liabilities, demands or claims for damage.

Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email from Creative Learning Place stating that there is space in your requested classes. Only at this time is in necessary to pay your registration fees at the "Payment" button found under the registration form. If you do not hear from us within a few days, please resubmit your registration form. Thank you!