All in-person classes will observe strict Covid guidelines including:
  • 1. Temperature checks of all persons entering the CLP campus. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees F will be sent home.
  • 2. At home Covid checklists verified upon entering the CLP campus.
  • 3. No sharing of any class materials and sanitation of common surfaces between classes.
  • 4. Sending my child to CLP with an appropriate face mask covering both their nose and their mouth (a face shield without a mask underneath will not be accepted). At this time surgical masks are recommended over cloth masks.We will require anyone on our CLP campus to wear a mask including masks in classrooms. We will provide outdoor space for eating where masks can be removed.
  • 5. For the health and safety of our CLP community classes CLP has the right to move in-person classes to online if needed.
  • 6. Notifying CLP if anyone in my family, or person's whom I have been in contact with, test positive for Covid.
  • 7. Notifying CLP if my family travels to a Covid hot spot (any state showing a 14 day rolling average test positivity rate of more than 12%).
  • 8. We will continue to follow the LA County Department of Public Health and the CDC guidelines.
Please refer to the charts below to determine if it is safe to come to our CLP campus:

we will verify your checklist upon entering our campus.