Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are We

Creative Learning Place is a community of families who are passionate about parent-led education. We offer engaging, hands-on classes taught by outstanding educators. Students are respected for their unique ideas and encouraged to delve deeper. We welcome families of all faiths and are proud of our diversity. Students can participate in class discussions, science labs and cooperative learning opportunities not always available to homeschoolers. We welcome unschoolers, those who do school at home and families who have chosen to homeschool through a charter school. Visit our CLP Charter School Partnerships.


What! We have vacation next week....NO!!! I don't want a vacation. I want to be at CLP!! 

I am sad.....summer is here.......

CLP Students


“The content is so rich and engaging. Art was an incredible exploration into patterns and form, allowing the kids to create and sketch in their own ways, no standard to be met, no "right" and "wrong" way to do it, nothing to copy or trace. My daughter loved it. She was so ready to graduate from glue, glitter and feathers, and get into sketching, print-making... and this is the perfect place and instructor for her.”
—Nadine, Creative Learning Place Parent


“My kids love Creative Learning Place. They have no problem getting up and out the door on CLP days. I know I have the bases covered like English and science so I don’t have to worry about these subjects at home. I can focus on field trips and family time. CLP has taken the stress out of educating our kids.”
—Bill, Creative Learning Place Parent


The heart and soul of our family's homeschooling success lies in Creative Learning Place.   At CLP students  can choose from an array of innovative and more traditional courses (from English Literature to Nature's Geometry) and --  because the classes are excellent and because the children have made these choices themselves --   our children throw themselves into their learning with enthusiasm.  By homeschooling,  my husband and I  seek to offer our children (and our whole family) the freedom of a natural childhood rhythm along with the rigor of excellent education and the joy of truly creative learning ( which often, and edifyingly,  feels like play ).  Without Creative Learning Place and its superb and generous faculty , we don't know how we would achieve  our homeschooling  dream.  Thank you, Karen, and thank you to everyone who makes CLP such a rich and rewarding experience for so many families!

Andrea, Creative Learning Place Parent


My middle school aged children had never been in school and until recently didn't take classes. As they get older, I want to add something to our lives that would: reduce the burden on me; provide fun, creative educational content; expose them to friends on a regular basis; accustom them to a classroom and varying teachers; encourage them to do small projects at home with no pressure or competition; not cost me much if anything.  CLP together with Inspire charter has been close to perfect for meeting these needs. Honestly, now that we've spent 2 years at CLP, I marvel that our entire educational system is build on a five day week when clearly so much can be accomplished in weekly classes with  project time at home when appropriate.  It really has helped balance my kids' needs with mine. Thank you CLP!

Sharon, Creative Learning Place Parent


What can my child do between classes if there is a gap in the schedule?

Students are welcome to hang out and talk, bring a game, study in the lobby, eat lunch at the outdoor picnic tables or play in the courtyard as long as kids under age 10 have adultsupervision. Teachers are not responsible for watching students outside of the classes. Many friendships have formed at CLP.

What can parents do while their kids are in class?

Parents are welcome to bring a laptop and work in the lobby and we usually have wi-fi. There are outdoor tables where families can eat and younger siblings can run around, except for in the downstairs courtyard between 1:00 - 3:00.We are close to many restaurants, coffee shops, Little Ethiopia and LACMA.

Can I drop my kids off or do I need to come in?

Please see our parent handbook for information about drop off.

I want to keep track of what my child is learning for my charter school. Do teachers supply a syllabus for classes? 

Please talk with your child's teacher directly. Most teachers can provide you with a class syllabus.

What happens if a class is cancelled due to a last minute emergency with the teacher or building?

We will attempt to provide a make-up class but sometimes this is not possible. We can give you a credit toward future classes upon request..

Can I only enroll my child in a class for their grade? 

At CLP we understand that age doesn't equal academic level. Please contact us if you feel your child belongs in a class that is not listed for their age.