Educational Counseling:

I am often approached for homeschooling advice. As much as I love helping, it takes quite some time to sincerely and thoroughly discuss an issue. I want to make sure that I give you advice that is in depth and personalized. I am always available to help you plan your child's education if you are a CLP family. If you would like advice and are not a CLP family, I am available for an hourly fee. I homeschooled both of my daughters and my eldest graduated from Cal State Long Beach on a full ride academic scholarship. We mutually decided that school was the best fit for her in 6th grade and she went to a fully funded NPS (non public school) on an IEP.  My younger daughter was homeschooled from K - 12th grade and she graduated from UCLA.  

I have been a teaching artist since 1989 and I specialize in the art of storytelling. I have taught in numerous schools and universities for both children and adults. I also teach teachers how to bring curriculum to life through the art of storytelling. I am a published author and an award winning recording artist. In 2016 I went on my first international storytelling tour to China, Hong Kong and SouthKorea where I performed and taught at international schools. In 2018 I didmy second international tour in Peru where I performed and taught in 17 different schools and in 2022 I performed and taught in Argentina. 

I can help you with the following based on my experience:

  1. How to design a homeschool program that works for your family.
  2. Is homeschooling right for you, how can you make it work?
  3. What to do when you feel you are not doing enough.
  4. How to take advantage of this city and all it has to offer.
  5. What to say to family and friends who think you are crazy for homeschooling.
  6. How to homeschool high school and have your child be prepared to enter a four year university directly from homeschooling and be accepted.
  7. How to apply to community college when your homeschooler is in high school. 
  8. How to put together the homeschool document for the common application for college.
  9. How to balance homeschooling with work and family.

Please email me at: if you need my assistance.