Math with Oleg - Middle school class works with globes

Math with Oleg is fun!

Mitch's CA History class make LAPD officers.

Field trip to Traveltown

Middle School History Class- Making Connections                                                Creative Presentation

Middle school writing with Miss Erin                                                                  Elementary writing class with Miss Erin

Science with the CA Science Center at Creative Leaning Place                                  CLP students create a whale in class!

Spanish with Suzy - Hands on and fun!


Shadow puppets and hand puppets in Julianna's art class.

 More Puppet fun!

More Shadow puppets!

Artists At work


Suzanne's voice class in the studio where they recorded a CD--way to go girls! 

Moms having fun a Creative Learning Place - A place to connect with friends and share ideas and laughter.

Creative Learning Place potluck - yummy food and great conversation.   An end of the semester tradition. 

Friday Storytelling class

Stories in nature hike